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After the female underarm, the female leg is the most commonly plucked, waxed, shaved, depilated, threaded, bleached and sugared area of the body! It is unsurprising that laser hair removal for the legs is quite a commonly sought procedure. If you’re looking forward to walking straight past the shaving aids section in the supermarket for the rest of your life, check out our guide to laser hair removal for your legs first.

Laser hair removal for your legs

Most of us are quite used to leg hair removal – but there are still some little extras to consider with laser hair removal for your legs

Pricing for your legs is significantly different to other popular areas, simply because of the time that a treatment takes.

If budget is an issue, however, having only your lower legs done is a popular and quite workable option.

For older men and women, laser hair removal on the legs can stimulate new collagen production and help offset the loose skin that comes with aging!

Many clinics promote IPL hair removal as an equivalent option to laser hair removal. Unfortunately, it is not. IPL treatments can cause significant burns and scarring, and fail to achieve any permanent hair reduction.

How does it feel?

Given that most of us have developed pretty high pain tolerance on our legs through waxing, laser hair removal for legs is usually a walk in the park. Our Light Sheer Diode Laser has a Cooling Device attached for a much more comfy experience.

How long does it take?

Laser hair removal for your legs is not as quick as your bikini area because your legs are a rather large skin area. Upper legs have a finer hair than your lower legs. The lower leg hair is generally a more course hair and the first few sessions may go slower than later sessions. Legs can take for 30 Minutes to an hour depending on whether full legs or lower legs, prep time and number of treatments performed prior.

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Experience at Pulastya Clinic is mind blowing. I experienced remarkable improvement in my skin after taking peeling sessions and medication as directed by sir....

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