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Before going on holiday many women choose to have unsightly hair removed from their bikini line. There are many types of bikini line hair removal available which vary in cost, method and effectiveness.

While simply shaving the bikini line can be done at home, it can lead to a reddening of the area almost as unsightly as excess hair. Shaving is also a fairly short lived solution, meaning further shaving can be necessary during your holiday.

Waxing is an effective method which can last for the whole duration of your holiday. However, it can be very painful, requiring quite high tolerance levels for pain. The pain alone is often enough to dissuade women from undergoing the procedure.

Hair removal creams are an inexpensive option. However, the strong chemicals they contain can cause skin irritation so perform a patch test before pressing ahead with a full application. Hair removal creams are a short lived solution, but will usually last for the duration of your holiday.

A more permanent solution is electrolysis, which uses electric currents to kill the follicles of excess pubic hair. It is rather time consuming and expensive, but the results are very long lived, so undergoing the treatment over several months prior to your holiday can be an effective way to manage your bikini line.

Finally, there is laser hair removal. Laser treatments work very well on small areas and bikini line laser hair removal can usually be completed in around four sessions. The procedure is quite costly but the results can last for a very long period of time. While some mild redness or swelling can occur after the procedure it usually clears quickly and the treatment is relatively painless.

The benefits of bikini area laser hair removal

  • Bikini laser hair removal is gentle, quick and effective and is becoming the most popular treatment. There are of course, not just cosmetic reasons when considering bikini laser treatment.

  • Bikini laser hair removal reduces ingrown hairs, razor bumps, infection and folliculitis, inflammation of the hair follicles.

  • The laser treatment can reduce painful and itchy lesions, darkening of the skin caused by folliculitis and secondary hyper-pigmentation.

  • It is reported that the Brazilian bikini also improves sexual sensation and hygiene and all these benefits are encouraging ladies to consider this treatment as a viable and preferred option.

A bikini area that is free of irritation, discoloration and hair is becoming very desirable. Laser hair removal in this area is effective providing a permanent reduction within four to six treatments. Any hair left behind after the laser treatment is usually very fine and of little concern.

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